Hillbrook Consulting

Helping small to medium sized organisations use data and analytics solutions to grow and sustain their online presence

GDPR Strategy

Concerned about GDPR, but don’t have the time or resources to achieve compliance for your business?

We can help you avoid costly compliance challenges and maximise customer experience

Customer Conversion

Is your customer data inaccessible, unstructured or impossible to analyse?

Let us help you use visualisation and analytics tools to spot opportunities for greater conversion

Data Migration

Is it time to move away from running business-critical processes off Excel spreadsheets?

We can help you move and harmonise your data to ensure insights are used in the optimum way

Enhancing Legacy Websites

Does your business depend on a website that you don’t have capability to develop to its full potential?

Let us help you mitigate extensive new investment with web providers by enhancing existing sites

The solutions we agree together will be appropriate for your organisation and explained in non-technical terms so everyone is confident in the process and outcomes